Our Vision

  • To be amongst the top 50 School's of the Country.
  • To build ideal citizen & good human being.
  • To nurturethe latent talent of Scholor's.
  • RIS firmly believes in a search for excellence.
  • To help the child to become self-confident,committed & diligent.

Our Mission

We care for our values and belief and aim for perfect balance of complimentory factore: ancient and modern , Traditional and innovative.Our Students will be knowlegeable,confident,meticulous ,self reliant and above all great citizens.

Principal's Message


Good Morning Everybody! Jai Shri Krishna! Welcome to the world of wisdom! My dear ones, extremely overwhelmed, introducing our family of scholars. The journey started before 25 years ago by the pilot Sh. Ganga Prasad Prajapati with the name of Real Public School which later, since year 2000 extended to a brand by Mr. Chetan Prajapati. After a huge success & satisfaction, an another venture Real International School had been established in year 2018. This world-class international school is marshaled by Mr. Puneet Prajapati, an MBA in International Business (Singapore & Malaysia). After it, the school didn't see back. Now, we've 500+ future young aspirants & 20+ skilled and trained teachers nurturing & programming kiddies for futuristic challenges. Through our excellent Advisory Board, we're guided & updated time to time to explore the child prodigies to the highest level of their intellectuals. Our 2.5 acres lush green ground is the evidence of our love to nature, love to greenery. As we're committed for overall development of the students, well equipped Science lab, computer lab, a pious music gallery, indoor & outdoor games & sports space and language lab exist inside the campus. For exploring heritage & culture, educational trips are planned every year. Keeping health at top priority, regular check ups by renowned pannel of doctors are programmed. As we're tied up with international universities, various foreign languages as German, French, Spanish etc. are to be taught to our inventive learners. Seminars on current & burning issues are also conducted for developing social & behavioural understandings. My dear friends, a lot to say, a lot to express but let the rest to be disclosed at your visit. In toto, playing the best role as honoured by the almighty to shape the future, being a maker. Waiting curiously for your inestimable admonitions & ecclesiastical steps...Thanks!

Training Modules

Capsule Courses will be introduced , Special avenues will be created for students displaying special talent & channelisation of positive energy.

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International Linkages

Altai State Medical University, Barnaul, Russia- Advanced medical learning through world-class renowned medical professionals. Help University, Malaysia- Personality development & behavioural techniques training by expert sociologists.

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Corporate Tie-ups

Academic Collaborations provide additional benefits to every institution. It is an advantage tie-up with another school or university, especially international, both for the students as well as the teachers. The students can gain a lot of knowledge from the student exchange programs that come as a part of the collaboration. Students get exposure and experience about the education and culture of the other country.

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Foreign Languages

The importance of learning a foreign language like german , French is.... a benefit to learn an additional language as it helps in better development and growth.

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What We offer

Out-and-out Safety

Our whole campus is guarded by professional securities & monitored by HD cameras at 24×7.

Opportunity for Deserving Students

Apart from scheduled syllabus, students are explored in the fields of their taste & sent pan-India for further achievements.

Experienced and Trained Staff

Whole, teaching & non-teaching staff members are appointed after three-rounded scrutiny & interview.

Ventilated and Hygienic Campus

Our whole campus is architected concerning ventilation & hyegine is preferred as priority by five dedicated all-time maids, wiping & washing.

Labs and Rehearsal Rooms

Well equipped science, computer & language labs and dedicated rehearsal rooms for extracurricular activities as music, arts & crafts, indoor games are also the part of our infrastructure.

Games and Sports

A skilled & recognised PTI of state level is devoted as personal coach for all our emerging students.

Real International School

RIS Situated in Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna. We have been giving quality education since 25 years as a Real Public School. But now we introduce our new branch Real International School, Aduki, Mathura.Here we provide students an environment to learn beyond textual facts and an experience to last a lifetime. A school is indeed the foundation of an individual's life.

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